All NLP Training, Hypnosis Training & Life Coach Training Programs Are Not Created Equal.

It’s true: Most NLP Training, Life Coach, and Hypnosis courses are holding back, phoning it in, not showing you what’s really behind the curtain and teaching you NOTHING about how to get clients AFTER they have accepted your money.

At Empowerment Quest NLP Training we’re committed to your long term success as an NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, and Hypnosis Practitioner so we’ll reveal EVERYTHING you need to know about Neuro-Linquistic Programming, Life Coaching, and Hypnosis in a warm, inviting, and fun environment..

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Dear Friend,

I can understand why you might be confused about all the choices you have when deciding on an NLP Practitioner Training, Life Coach Training, NLP Master Practitioner Training , Hypnosis Training , or EFT Training. It’s almost overwhelming, and it comes at a time of your life when you may be vulnerable to accept the first one that comes along, or to shop around for a bargain program.

It can be a daunting task to cut through the clutter and find the one true solution so you can get on with the business of helping others achieve success, self-improvement and financial freedom with this cutting edge methodology.

I’m going to make a bold statement here and I hope you’ll stay with me, because it’s 100% true.

Here it is:

Empowerment Quest Is NOT Like Any Other
NLP Training, Hypnosis & Life Coach
Training Out There

Here are 6 reasons why I can say this:

1. We are genuinely committed to you and we care about making your future as a Certified NLP Practitioner and Life Coach as bright as it can possibly be.

Of course, all of this is easy to say. But we back it up. When you call us or send us an email we will respond, even years after you’ve taken one of our courses we’ll be there for you as your support system to answer your questions, guide you through your challenges and cheer your victories.

2. You can come back to future NLP Training Courses, Life Coach Training, & Hypnosis Training at 50% off, as many times as you like, as a refresher or to reinforce something you weren’t sure of.

3. If you are flying or driving from out of town, we will pay for $500 of your hotel stay. You can just click here to read more about this special promotion…

4. We are Licensed by Dr. Richard Bandler and the Society of NLP, which means we are in an elite group of highly trained professionals who are eminently qualified to train you.

5. We make NLP, Life Coaching, and Hypnosis easy to grasp and even easier to implement. While most NLP Training programs, Hypnosis Training, & Life Coach Training Courses may look good on paper, they don’t go the extra mile to give you real world results and quite frankly, that’s unimaginable to us.

Through our unique, dynamic and innovative techniques that focus on fast, effective results, we’ll help you put an end to any lingering painful emotions from past traumas, guilt or other emotionally crippling sensation that’s keeping your clients stuck so that you can coach them to achieve all of their goals.

6. We only utilize the most advanced and effective tools for change available, and we’re always updating to stay on the cutting edge of the NLP, Hypnosis & Life Coach Certification universe. While most trainers are stuck in the “NLP, Life Coaching, & Hypnosis must only be taught one way” mentality, we aren’t afraid to learn new styles if they result in a better, faster, more pleasurable outcome for you and your clients.

Many men speak of being a servant leader and assisting their fellow man in becoming more. But few have the courage, determination and willingness to walk the path of the student teacher to make it happen.

Kevin Cole is a shining example of the kind of time tempered knowledge and experience that it takes to pull it off.

Always willing and eager to share his wisdom Kevin travels the world educating himself with experience and filling his tool box with cutting edge technologies all aimed at making a difference in the lives of anyone who has the privilege of being in his presence. With a style all his own Kevin is a skilled speaker and a loyal friend.”

Joseph McClendon lll

Head Trainer for The Anthony Robbins Companies
Co-author of two best selling books with Tony Robbins

In Other Words, We’re Different!

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We have one goal at Empowerment Quest: to be the hands-down, absolute best in the business when it comes to your NLP, Life Coach, and Hypnosis Training.

Plus, when you come to us for your NLP Training, Life Coach Training, & Hypnosis Training Certification, it won’t be a slam-bang process. You’ll go through rigorous training, testing and verification to ensure you’ve learned everything to our satisfaction. Then and only then will we certify you.

How Would You Like This Year
To Be The Best Year Of Your Life?

When you put your new Empowerment Quest International NLP Training Certification into action, you and your future clients will have the power to:

  • Face your fears with the optimism and courage they never thought they had
  • Take negative thoughts and reverse them in the blink of an eye
  • Improve your skills at the things you love: hobbies, sports, anything!
  • Break the nasty habits that have been holding you hostage
  • Transform problems into fun, easy to solve brain teasers
  • Strike up lively conversations with anyone you please
  • Dramatically improve your business and sales
  • Become healthier, happier and more energetic than you’ve ever been before!

Now at this point you may be thinking to yourself: “Come on! This is all too good to be true!”

And I’d actually be surprised if you didn’t feel that way. After all, if all this is really possible why isn’t it more well known?

It’s because there were a certain set of invisible rules that people have been living with for centuries. These rules have been drilled into our subconscious since birth.

Rules like:

  • Fears, pain, guilt and bad habits are a part of life—so deal with it
  • You’ll never make a great living doing what you love
  • Happiness and joy are reserved for the lucky few
  • You go to school, you go to work, get married, have kids, retire, and then die
  • Routines are boring, but they’re safe and secure

NLP, Life Coaching, and Hypnosis flies in the face of these rules, and because more and more people are deciding that they deserve more, this dramatic life improvement technology is just now catching fire.

This means that when you enroll in your Empowerment Quest NLP Training & Life Coach Training program along with your Empowerment Quest Hypnosis Certification program you’ll have a huge competitive edge over most other self-proclaimed “experts” in your field.

The power of words and thoughts to make changes in people’s lives is starting to seep into the mainstream consciousness.

And not a moment too soon…

From the moment you sign up you’ll begin your career transformation into one that’s cutting edge and incredibly rewarding on a deeply personal level.

Are you ready?

Then contact us now and begin your NLP training to become a
Certified NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Life Coach, and Hypnotist!