NLP Practitioner Training Course in Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Vancouver, B.C., Canada NLP Training

NLP Practitioner & Life Coach Certification Training:

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Regular Rate of $2595
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Fast Track NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training:
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Regular Rate of $2695
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For years now, Canadians have been flying into the United States to experience Kevin Cole & Empowerment Quest International’s NLP Practitioner Training, Hypnosis Trainings, & Life Coaching.

Now it’s time to make these NLP training courses easier for our Canadian friends, so we’re heading north to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Since this Training is only about 2 1/2 hours away from Seattle, Washington, it’s also very convenient for our American friends to enroll as well.

Now, you’ve probably heard of Kevin Cole’s reputation as one of the highest regarded trainers in the field of NLP training, Hypnosis & Life Coaching. You’ve probably heard about his tremendous integrity and work ethic in regards to how hard he works to ensure that every single attendee in his trainings fully grasp the material, while simultaneously experiencing one transformation after another for themselves on a very personal level.

Empowerment Quest International’s NLP trainings are simply not like any other.

You will gain tremendous one/one attention from a true master of his craft, and he will show you time and time again that everything you need is already inside of you.

So here are the dates, and we’ll see you soon!

NLP Practitioner Training And Life Coach Training

After satisfactory completion of your 7 day foundational, NLP Practitioner Training with us, you will qualify for the following certifications:

  • Certified NLP Practitioner with The Society of NLP-Richard Bandler
  • Certified Life Coach

NLP Practitioner Program Information

NLP Training in Vancouver BC, Canada Dates:
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Master Practitioner Training: Call For Dates

NLP Course and Life Coach Course Fee:

Regular Fee: $2595 US

Early Bird: Only $2195 US!

Extra Early Bird: Only $1995 US! 

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These trainings are always kept small for an optimal learning experience so be certain to book your seat in time so that you don’t miss out.

After Your NLP Practitioner Training
You Can Continue With Your 8 Day Fast Track
NLP Master Practitioner Training!

Certifications for NLP Master Practitioner & Hypnosis Training include:

  • NLP Master Practitioner with The Society of NLP
  • Hypnotist with National Guild of Hypnotists, ICBCH, IACT, IMDHA, and other highly regarded Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy certifying organizations.

Fast Track Master NLP Practitioner Certification Course Fees:

Regular fee: US $2695 US

Early Bird: Only $2195 US!

Extra Early Bird: Only $1995 US!

Remember, we keep our training sizes small, so be certain you book your seat in time.

Join Us In Beautiful Vancouver Canada!