What Is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)?

EFT is an incredible Self Help Healing modality that literally anyone can use and benefit from. Although our opinions of what make EFT so highly effective are different than most EFT Practitioners & Trainers, we tend to share the same opinions in regards to its efficacy. Bottom line, EFT often gets results where other modalities have failed.

We at Empowerment Quest International have a very different perspective of EFT and we believe this is what allows us to gain results so consistently when we often hear others say that they tried EFT but it didn’t work.

You see, although EFT is often described as simply “Acupuncture Without The Needles”, and it is said that all emotional and physical challenges we have come down a disturbance in the bodies “Energy Field” and “Meridian Points”, we believe the reasons for EFT’s extremely high success rates actually have to do with a great deal more than just energy and meridian points.

What is often NOT taught often enough in different EFT Trainings and Workshops, is that EFT includes very specific usage of language, including, but not limited to very specific affirmations and very specific  language patterns that are very important to understand.

In addition, EFT uses very specific techniques for interrupting negative neurological pathways or as we refer to as “Pattern Interrupts”. Understanding all of these different aspects of Emotional Freedom Techniques and the mechanics of them, allow for the Practitioner to gain considerably more flexibility with their clients and as with any personal development methodology, flexibility is key.

How Can EFT Help?

We consider EFT to be somewhat of an “All Purpose Power Tool”. It allows us to elegantly work with literally hundreds of different challenges individuals face on a day to day basis. Although in order to consider yourself a qualified EFT Practitioner, it is important to have a solid background in other modalities such as NLP, Hypnosis and or Psychotherapy, EFT is a methodology that individuals can safely use on themselves and experience great benefit from.

How & Where Can I Learn EFT?

We teach EFT as part of our NLP Master Practitioner Training and separately via 2 day workshops as well both publicly and privately.

For those that would like to be working professionally with clients that do not already have a solid background in NLP, Hypnosis and or Psychotherapy, then we recommend you attend one of our 16 Day intensive NLP, Life Coach & Hypnosis Certification Training programs, which as mentioned previously, includes EFT Training.

If however you are seeking to learn and experience the countless benefits of EFT for your own personal development, or you already have certification and or licensing in one of those areas, then one of our weekend EFT Workshops would be a good match for you. We currently offer EFT Training in Las Vegas, Nevada and will be offering them in other locations as well if interest is high enough.

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