Yep, I’m going there.

Someone has to…

The question… Can NLP & Hypnosis REALLY make you a better lover?

The simple answer. Yes… Ohh Yes…

Frankly, I could go on for days explaining countless ways that NLP & Hypnosis can help both Men & Women become better lovers… AND… to find better lovers.

That said, this is just an article, and you’re just looking for some juicy content that you can start to use immediately.

Before I get into the really good stuff, let me say that this isn’t about being one of those cheeseballs with really lame hypnotic language patterns. Very far from it.

To give you a bit of a chuckle, here’s an example of what I mean by lame hypnotic patterns:

I once had a student of one of my NLP Training programs tell me that he had a “great technique” he learned from his “Pickup Artist Guru”, and he asked if he could share it in front of the class.

Because I could tell this was going to be a good laugh for the entire class, I allowed him to share.

Well, this is the “Perfect Line” he shared; “Some things are above me, but most things are *below* me” as he pointed down at his crotch.

In case that is a bit unclear, let me expand that when he said “Below Me”, he was trying to subliminally say “Blow Me”.

Yes, he really thought this worked!

I then informed him (after I stopped laughing hysterically- which took a while LOL…) that I do believe it *could* work, but not because of the lame language pattern.

It could work, because he had enough confidence to dare to try something so incredibly lame.
It’s the confidence that would work. Not the lame language pattern.

Anyway, here are 5 tips you can actually use that WILL work and will dramatically enhance your experiences in the bedroom…

1. Learn how to anchor peak states (both emotional and physical). If you don’t know what an anchor is, in the simplest terms, it’s an external stimulus that creates a consistent internal response. For example, it’s like when you hear a special love song, and it makes you think about your partner in a romantic way.

That’s just one example of many different kinds of anchors.

Anchors can be set via any, and or all, of our 5 senses, meaning visually, auditorily, kinesthetically (meaning touch), smell, and or taste.

One of many great ways to create a powerful anchor is to gently touch your partner’s ear, or ears (some like tongue, some don’t, but almost all like a very- very soft touch) during peak emotional and physical experiences. Yes, that means during orgasm.

Guys… I mean HER orgasm… Not yours.

2. Learn to pay attention to the person in front of you and calibrate well!

This is without a doubt the most important thing you can do to improve your experience in the bedroom. Learning to pay attention and calibrate to your partner is absolutely critical for both Men AND Women.
Yes, I’m speaking to the ladies on this one as well. Sometimes ladies say to themselves “Well, it’s so easy for a guy to get off, what do I need to pay attention to?”

Although, it’s true that men tend to be able to have orgasms easier than women, that doesn’t mean ladies can’t be better in bed by paying more attention to what really turns a guy on.

3. Buy some Chocolate! You can read more about the power of chocolate here:

4. Breathe at the same rate. Any NLP Training will teach about the power of Rapport, but not all teach about how breathing at the same rate creates a very- very strong connection between lovers. So strong, that I ONLY recommend using it for those you are in a committed relationship with.

As a matter of fact, I even teach my NLP Training students to be careful NOT to breathe at the same rate as a client too often, because it can quite potentially lead to transference, and a client literally falling in love with you. Obviously something to avoid for ethical purposes.

5. OK, now I’m leaving the best for last.

This is one that if you aren’t already using, is going to make a DRAMATIC difference in the bedroom…

This one is especially for the Men, but also very important for the Women.

When you very- very gently- and very smoothly caress your hands (with the lightest featherlike touch) over the back, spine, and inner legs of your partner (including the very inner legs), they will be truly begging for more.

**Just remember… You must calibrate! (Meaning pay close attention)

This is all about calibration, and rhythm.

Notice what turns your partner on most- and do more of that.

Notice what doesn’t do much for her/him (and for that matter- might even be painful) and stop doing that!!

That said, you might only be off track by a millimeter or so, so change your approach accordingly, but not necessarily dramatically. Especially in those extra sensitive areas.

Just remember, this isn’t about some “script” on exactly what to do and exactly what not to do, because not only are Men & Women unique, but all human beings are unique.

So get out there and use your NLP’ness to make the world a happier place! 😉