Ladies, I think you’re going to enjoy this article the most.

Guys, You’re gonna want to read this too. Trust me…

When I work with NLP Coaching clients that are feeling a bit “down in the dumps” and or would just like to learn how to feel even better, one of the many things I educate them on is how food dramatically effects the way we feel. Bottom line, junk food makes us feel “junky” and healthy food helps us feel healthy and happy.

There are many different foods that help elevate our moods, but one that I love to surprise my clients, and even my NLP Training students with, is the fact that Chocolate has been clinically proven to not only be healthy in moderation- but also quite effective in lifting our mood!

Yes, like I said- Chocolate- or Cocoa to be exact, actually contains a natural chemical called Anandamide.

Anandamide, also known as N-arachidonoylethanolamine or AEA for short, is an endogenous cannabinoid neurotransmitter. And Anandamide believe it or not, actually comes from the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit and translates to English as “Internal Bliss”.

In addition, this natural chemical in Cocoa stimulates the very same area of the brain that marijuana does!

Relax though… According to experts, you’d have to consume literally a couple dozen pounds of Chocolate in order to get the same kind of buzz as pot.

Another great thing about Chocolate is that it also contains another natural chemical called *phenylethylamine*, which is often known as one of “The Love Drugs” because it’s one of the chemicals our brain releases when we fall in love.

And that’s not all!

Another chemical that quality Chocolate helps release is *oxytosin*, and oxytosin is another “Love Drug” that our brain releases when we fall in love- And… when we have an orgasm. So yes Ladies… You’ve been correct when you say that good Chocolate can be an “Orgasmic Experience”!

And there’s even more emotional benefits than those!

Other benefits include the fact that Serotonin is released when chocolate is eaten, and communicates a feeling of calm while stabilizing your moods.

Endorphins are also released when Chocolate is eaten, and this sends a high level of energy to your brain and gives you a sense of euphoria. Endorphins by the way, have also been known to be effective painkillers. (This is another thing I teach in our NLP, Life Coach & Hypnosis Training programs, by the way. Meaning different ways of minimizing pain by naturally releasing more Endorphins.)

Now all of that said, that doesn’t mean to just pig out on Chocolate because too much of anything- especially Chocolate- can certainly be bad for you.

If you do buy some Chocolate, which I suspect you’re probably on your way to the store right now… Make sure that it’s high quality Chocolate. To be sure that you’re buying high quality chocolate the first thing you want to look for is 70 percent or more cocoa solids in the contents.

This should be listed on the wrapper. Cheap Chocolate usually contains only about 10 per cent. Another thing to look at is the sugar content. High sugar content in chocolate is a good indicator of bad chocolate. Good quality Chocolate will usually contain about 30 percent sugar. Also, be certain to avoid chocolates with vegetable fat and or artificial flavors.

So where the heck can I get this gift from the God’s that doesn’t cost me a fortune, you may ask?

Well, my favorite place to purchase quality Chocolate locally is at Trader Joe’s grocery store. Not everyone is fortunate enough to live near one though. If not, then go to and you can select from plenty of awesome Chocolates there.

And again, remember… Everything in moderation. There really is such a thing of too much of a good thing and too much Chocolate can in fact do more harm than good.


What you can do while your indulging in your Chocolate- In Moderation- is to utilize NLP to…

  • Enhance the way you See The Chocolate. Notice as much as you can about it. The colorful dark brown color. Notice the way the texture appears. Is it rigid or smooth?
  • Enhance the way you Feel Holding The Chocolate In Your Hand. Notice how it’s almost like a tease.
  • Enhance the way the wrapper sounds, and Notice What You Say To Yourself As You Are Getting Ready To Enjoy Your Chocolate.
  • Enhance the way you Smell The Delicious Chocolate. Notice how you can actually start to taste it, simply by smelling it.
  • And Finally… Use NLP to enhance the way you Experience The Taste Of The Chocolate. What different flavors can you recognize? Is the Chocolate sweet or more bittersweet? Are their almonds mixed in? It is a little salty? Is it smokey? Can you taste a little vanilla?

Notice how when you enhance all of your senses with NLP, you can make the experience more enjoyable…

Enjoy Your Chocolate!
-Kevin Cole