Lifetime Student Support Policy

Empowerment Quest International is dedicated to your success. Our mission is to serve you not only during your training with us but to also support you in your personal and professional growth after your training with us as well. We do this not only because we genuinely care about our students and know that it can be a bit scary not having all of the answers about what to do after a training, we also do this because our success depends on your continued successes.

You Are Fully Supported During Your Training With Us

To make sure that students have the utmost attention we keep our courses small.

You will be personally supported during your training and or seminar with us. For many, their first event with us is a life changing experience.

You will always have the opportunity to speak with Kevin or if you prefer, one of the other staff members about anything you would like.

You will also feel supported by fellow students as your learning experience is one of great camaraderie.

We only train in wheel chair accessible buildings.

We are continually updating our trainings to bring you the most advanced, cutting edge tools to serve you and your clients.

We encourage you to do whatever you desire during your training that enables you to learn best. By this we mean, that you can sit on the floor, get up and move around, grab some water, coffee or tea, snack during the course, get up and use the bathroom and anything else that assists you in your learning and transformational experiences. So long as it does not interfere with other students learning (including your own), then feel free… After all, it’s your training!

We always ask our students to evaluate our training to let us know how we are doing. You can submit this in private if you prefer and we encourage feedback even after the course. We want to know both how your experience was during the course and continues after the course. We are continuously updating our programs to serve your needs so we appreciate the feedback.

And Then You’ll Have Lifetime Student Support After The Course Too!

You are always welcome back to any training you have completed with us to update your skills by re-taking all or part of your training at a 50% discount, anywhere in the world! We really do love having you back because by the time you have completed your training with us we will have become friends and our friends are always welcome back! You can come back as a fly on the wall to learn more, an assistant to us, or as a full fledged student.

If you ever have any questions after the course, you can always personally contact Kevin or another one of the EQI staff by phone, email or letter. Like we said, we consider you a sincere friend and want to continue to support you in any way we can. All you need to do is ask.

Kevin Cole continues to improve NLP and other personal development and healing modalities and continually brings new techniques to trainings. We will keep you as updated as possible through newsletters, tele-seminars, and other ways that we can assist you with your continued growth.

Empowerment Quest International is always developing new and exciting programs, students whom have previously taken any of our 7 day or longer trainings/seminars will receive a 10% price reduction off any future trainings or seminars.

If you would like to receive specialized one on one coaching/mentorship from Kevin you will also receive a substantial discount off of that. Keep in mind, questions about the course, including marketing tips will always be answered completely free of charge. All you need to do is ask!

If you would like to host your own training or coaching seminar, and want to hire Kevin Cole as your trainer or guest trainer, you will have the opportunity to do so at a 10% discount of Kevin’s regular trainer fee. ** Certain restrictions apply including offering the same student support policy as Empowerment Quest International to make sure all students are fully supported indefinitely.

We also offer free marketing and advertising in our newsletter and blog. Just send in a well written NLP, Hypnosis, Coaching, or other form of personal development article, and if we feel it will benefit our readers, we will give you full credit along with a link to your website. **Please note; although we cannot guarantee the posting of your article, we will do our best to help you with your continued success. After all, our reputation depends on your many successes.

Do not be surprised if we drop you an e-mail asking if you would like to come back to assist us during the next training in your area.

Empowerment Quest International is a continually growing company and from time to time we may have employment opportunities on our team. We will always have a preference policy of hiring our most talented and dedicated students/attendees over those who do not have a full understanding and knowledge of our mission and the kind of work we do. **Please note that although we do hold this policy we cannot promise or guarantee future employment with us in any way.

After you have trained with us, every person you refer to our training, will earn you 10% of their tuition fee by check or if you prefer, we can deduct that fee from their tuition as a gift from you to them. It’s your choice!