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7 Day SNLP-Richard Bandler Approved NLP Practitioner Training with Kevin Cole

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“When the best leader’s work is done, the people say, we did it ourselves”

In the film The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy, The Tin Man, The Scarecrow, and The Cowardly Lion all wanted very specific things, and they went to see the “Wizard” so that he could “give” them those things. At the end of the film, the “Wizard” simply helped them realize what they TRULY wanted and showed them that it was inside them all along. He simply  understood exactly HOW to show them.

Now, what if YOU were the  “Wizard” and you could help yourself and your clients to?…

  • Discover what it is that they truly want and show them how to get it
  • Overcome fears instantly
  • Have the ability to influence people with integrity so that everyone wins
  • Overcome traumas from their past, empowering them to find the meaning in them
  • Discover valuable clues to that big question, “What Is My Purpose In Life?”
  • Own the tools and mindset that will allow them to be, do, or have ANYTHING in life they desire

Neuro-Linquistic Programming (NLP) is often referred to as “A Users Manual for Your Brain” and this analogy is very accurate. Your brain is like a super computer, only much, much more powerful. After all, people created computers, not the other way around. The thing is though, this “Users Manual for Your Brain” is actually written using some pretty “jargonistic” terminology that can make it rather challenging to learn- but we make it simple.

Many instructors will skip through some of the more challenging lessons because they can be difficult to explain. Some will even tell you that if you aren’t understanding the information consciously that “It’s OK, because your unconscious mind is getting it”. I’m not kidding. I can remember an instructor tell me that very same statement at one of my first live NLP Trainings.

Well, my “unconscious mind” didn’t get it and it was very frustrating. I even felt like it must have just been me but after speaking with some other students after the course I found that it wasn’t just me. The instructor simply didn’t go that extra mile to make sure every student understood the information.

I vowed that I would take that experience as a very valuable one in “What not to do” and I decided to master these skills so that I could continue to help myself, help my clients and one day teach them properly as a licensed trainer. I continued to study and practice and now I am living my dream of serving people like you on a larger and larger scale.

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember;
involve me and I’ll understand” –Chinese Proverb

At Empowerment Quest NLP, Life Coach & Hypnosis Training Seminars, we teach in a highly hands on and experiential way so that students are actively involved in the learning process. We teach NLP using NLP with a strong emphasis on the ART along with the science of NLP. Of course you will still have to practice if you desire to master these skills and if you are serious you will most likely have further questions after the course but you will leave the course knowing that you are competent in your new skills and we will ALWAYS be available and approachable both during and after the course to answer any questions you may have, even years after you’ve received your certification.

The best part is you can come back at a 50% discount and gain more hands on experience as either a student or by assisting with the other students learning! After spending anywhere from 7 days to as long as 16 days for our full intensive courses, we consider you family and hate to see you go, so we love having you back over and over again… Who knows, if you really prove yourself you may end up working with us one day as a licensed trainer or another part of our team!

Firstly, away from the course I am amazed by what I have learned and am determined to continue to master and expand on these skills. I have to say that the course was not what I was expecting, but has opened my mind to a whole range of alternative possibilities to the imagined ones; I am only just beginning the process of feeling my way around these. I put a huge amount down to the way you brought the material to life and I have developed a deep respect for your genuine passion and conviction underlying everything you have done. Thank you, it gives me something to aim at as I begin to work with others.

On a very personal level I am really enjoying some fundamental changes in myself.

I have had to challenge my beliefs; ideas and concepts I would have scorned are now awake in me and I am hungry to explore more of this; especially the energy work. I have had people I barely know stretching out their arms and smiling at the ceiling… it is exciting and humbling to think that there is so much good to be done with this new knowledge and I want to be very good at what I do to maximise the effectiveness of my work. Any advice is always welcome, no matter how small…

Kevin, I am really pleased to have had this opportunity to thank you for your part in what has been a tremendously rewarding experience.”

Steve Wilson (UK)
Business Consultant

Are you ready to benefit from a live NLP Training too?

There are a number of reasons why people decide to study NLP with Empowerment Quest NLP, Life Coach & Hypnosis Training Seminars. To keep it simple, let me share with you some of the most common reasons that people decide to train with us:

  • Many have been referred by our past students and their friends/family who want some of whatever it is they got that makes them smile all the time for no particular reason at all.
  • Many have heard about NLP and how several famous speakers including Tony Robbins, Paul McKenna, Jack Canfield, T. Harv Ecker and dozens of other “Personal Development Gurus” use many of the most powerful tools of NLP at their seminars.
  • Many take stock in the fact that Empowerment Quest International is one of the few NLP Training Institutes licensed and approved by Dr. Richard Bandler and his prestigious Society of NLP
  • Many love the fact that just to be certain that students receive exactly what they desire from the course, we ask each student to fill out an intake form before the training, explaining to us just what they want to gain from training with Kevin Cole and Empowerment Quest International. Then, Kevin Cole personally reviews each person’s intake form so that he can make sure every student gains exactly what she/he desires.
  • Many love the fact that we offer a Lifetime Student Support Policy at absolutely no extra charge just to make sure that you fully understand all of the new skills and tools that you will be using to continue to improve your own life and with their permission, those around you.
  • And many love the fact that we offer a satisfaction guarantee because the number one goal of Kevin Cole and Empowerment Quest International is to serve you!

How can NLP certification help you after your training?

OK. Here’s something we want to tell you right up front that many NLP training programs won’t mention…

Almost no one makes a living by simply advertising themselves as an “NLP Practitioner“. It’s simply not done in most cases.

That said, at Empowerment Quest International, we teach you how to market yourself the right way so that when you implement what we teach, you will have a serious edge over most practitioners in your area.

Many of our students also go on to create their own business using their new mechanic’s sized tool box they’ve developed so that they can make a living helping others to dramatically improve their lives. It can allow you as well to make your living helping others in all kinds of ways. You’ll find many who establish themselves as experts and specialize in niches like weight loss, stress reduction, smoking cessation, phobia relief, health and wellness, pain control, anxiety relief, law of attraction expertise, executive coaching, success coaching, sports performance, relationship coaching, spiritual counseling, and so much more…

Many people see NLP Certification as an important part of their professional development as well. We have trained countless consultants, therapists, coaches, sales people, entrepreneurs, attorneys, nurses, medical doctors, healers, personal trainers, and so much more.   of all kinds become certified as an NLP Practitioner with Empowerment Quest to give them an incredible edge over others and allow them to help those they serve on a much greater scale.

There are also those in various fields like real estate, human resources, alternative medicine, psychotherapy, corporate training, and many other forms of business that have experienced the competitive edge that NLP Practitioner Certification provides.

Finally, there are many people who simply understand that NLP is a way to enjoy life on a profoundly greater level. Whether it be through learning invaluable tools that will empower you to help yourself and others to have, be , or do a whole lot more in life, or if it’s to be able to get yourself “unstuck” and back in the fast track of life- Empowerment Quest’s NLP Training program is a great place to learn how.

What  specifically can NLP do for YOU and your clients?

  • Get rid of phobias, unwanted habits, and seemingly “unsolvable” problems
  • Help in managing your emotional state — to understand that emotions that feel good AND bad both serve a purpose, and to understand just what that purpose is, allowing you to be able to guide your emotions on your terms instead of being at the mercy and control of them
  • Give you the ability to build immediate rapport and feel comfortable talking to anyone about anything, anytime, and anyplace (INCLUDING the opposite sex!)
  • Improve your ability to learn new skills faster then ever before
  • Help you discover how you are unconsciously sabotaging yourself from success so that you can STOP IT NOW!
  • Learn how to duplicate something that you are great at sometimes but not at other times. This includes speaking with people, helping clients, sports, investing, motivating yourself, meditating, and just about anything else
  • Learn to fully love and forgive yourself and others (Yes it’s important for both women and men and no, we won’t make you sing “Kumbaya” around a campfire to do it!)
  • Be able to gain rapport and start talking with complete strangers in just seconds
  • Overcome ANY obstacles in your life (finally put an end to over-eating, procrastination, anger, guilt — or anything else that might be holding you back in life!)
  • Learn how to snap yourself out of those bad moods and even completely rid yourself of depression (the same way I did for myself when I first started learning these tools!)
  • Gain an abundance of confidence that will have a snowball effect on everything you do

This Training Will Dramatically Improve Your Life.
We Guarantee It!

Let’s get things straight right now.

I could tell you about all of the lives that we’ve helped change for the better and how I still get Christmas cards every year from past students and clients who remind me of how much they’ve learned, how much they’ve grown, and how much they feel I’ve helped to impact their lives in extraordinary ways.

I could also fill you in on the fact that there is no other training course out there that offers the same one/one personal attention to each and every student in our NLP Training programs- ensuring that the material is understood, all of your questions are answered, and that you have the skills to leave the training confident in their abilities to continue improving your own life and get out there helping others to to the same.

I could even remind you that you are always welcome to come back to our trainings anytime you like at a 50% discount so that you can learn more and even assist us in helping a whole new group of students empower themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I could go on and on about my qualifications and the lives I’ve changed, along with how Empowerment Quest NLP Training Seminars is one of the few training organizations licensed and approved by the co-creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler.

I could tell you how I’ve also studied with one of the greatest pioneers in the field of Clinical Hypnosis, Gil Boyne, along with being personally endorsed by world renowned speakers and trainers in the world of personal development.

I could even tell you how I’ve been interviewed on numerous radio shows and even appeared on television where I set up and coached a man to walk across fire for a reality t.v. show.

I could talk about all of that, but here’s the thing…. THIS ISN’T ABOUT ME!

THIS IS ABOUT YOU and what YOU will get out of your live NLP Practitioner Certification Training with Empowerment Quest International.

So instead of telling you about all of my credentials and experience, I’ll just share with you our absolute no risk, Satisfaction Guarantee!

Here’s how it works…

Invest now in a training or seminar with us and if within the first 2 days of your training you don’t feel like it is right for you, come talk to us (we are very approachable) and let us know your concerns, then you can hand in your course materials and we’ll return your entire tuition! (minus the small fee of $200 per course for processing costs etc.) *This guarantee is not included for extended weekend trainings. Only intensives.

E.Q.I’s NLP Practitioner Training is right for you if you…

  • Like to have fun and laugh a lot while making amazing discoveries
  • Are interested in helping others and yourself in the process
  • Enjoy being around like-minded people
  • Expect personal one-on-one attention for your investment
  • Learn best from someone who really wants you to be able to get it
  • Value a fun, adventurous, yet down-to-earth attitude from your trainer
  • Are open to learning new ways to feel great anywhere, anytime
  • Desire to learn the “ART” behind the techniques of NLP enabling you to be extremely flexible in your approach with helping yourself and your clients succeed

Dear Kevin,

Thank you for being such a remarkable leader and giving everything you have to all those you work with. It is strikingly apparent that you are “the real thing”.
You hold incredible integrity with what you teach and what you demonstrate in real-life situations.

You really went out of your way for me and I will always be grateful.
Your clients are fortunate to have a trainer and coach who is also a true role model.

A big hug to you,

Debra Russell
Head Trainer
The Anthony Robbins Companies

Have your certificate signed by the man who started it all,
Dr. Richard Bandler Ph.D.

Upon successful completion of your training with Empowerment Quest NLP Training Institute, you will have your NLP Practitioner Certification personally signed by Dr. Richard Bandler and Kevin Cole.

We’re always here to help

By now, you’re probably excited to get started and so if you know you want to book right now then great — simply click here for our dates, locations and give us a call to register.

If you’d like to ask us any questions before registering, just so you’re certain, then feel free to call us at 1-888-783-7880. Either way, we’d love to hear from you!

We also keep our courses small to make certain that every student receives plenty of personal one on one attention, and because of this spaces are limited, so do be sure to call/write now if you have any questions at all before you’d like to book. We are here to serve you in any way we can.

Remember. There’s no financial risk whatsoever, because of Empowerment Quest’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

I’m looking forward to meeting you in person at your training!

With great respect and warmest regards,

Kevin Cole

Empowerment Quest International