Purposeful Empowerment Coaching™

If you’ve been looking for an ally, a mentor, and expert to help you stay focused on the big prize, with more energy and enthusiasm than you’ve felt in years, and be your personal tour guide to help you achieve your most treasured goals, then read on, because there’s exciting news ahead…

If You’re Ready to Embark On Your Journey to
Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Financial Well-Being
Then Buckle Up, Because Your Adventure Is About to Begin…

I know I know, you’ve probably heard this all before…

But hear me out, because my Purposeful Empowerment Coaching™ program isn’t about telling you what you want to hear when you’re at your most vulnerable.

It’s about setting aggressive but do-able goals for yourself and putting those goals into forceful, results-generating action, walking the talk and doing all the right things that will have you believing, more than you’ve ever believed before, that anything—ANYTHING–is truly possible in your life!

Introducing Purposeful Empowerment Coaching™

with your guide Kevin Cole, CHt.

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Dear Friend,

Being stuck is no fun. It seems as if everyone around you is happy, healthy and content with what they’re doing. Even though that’s obviously not the case, that’s how it looks to you.

Even if you’re not stuck and you’re thankful for all of your blessings, gifts and levels of success up to this point, but you’re looking for MORE out of your life so you can start setting and accomplishing purposeful and meaningful goals, get to that upper echelon of happiness and create a lasting legacy, then you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s start out by taking a quiz. This quiz is very brief but also very personal, so make sure you are not distracted when you go through it.


Let’s begin.

Answer TRUE or FALSE to the following 12 questions as honestly as you can.

  1. You’re not sure what your true purpose in life is
  2. You don’t have any concrete goals to shoot for
  3. You aren’t making the kind of money you thought you’d be making at this point in your life
  4. You’ve read books or attended a seminar, felt great for a while, then fell back into the same routine
  5. You lack the energy and vitality you need to pursue greater things
  6. You’re doing well but would like to get to another level and not sure how to go about it
  7. You have limiting beliefs that are weighing you down
  8. You carry guilt about something you’ve said or done in the past
  9. You feel frustrated about a habit you can’t break no matter how hard you try
  10. You have no one to count on for support, guidance and wisdom
  11. You’re wondering, “is this all there is?” and you want to break free
  12. You’re looking for life to be a daily adventure filled with new possibilities and a refreshing, ongoing positive outlook and you’re ready to begin NOW!

If you answered TRUE to 2 or more of these questions,
Then you are a prime candidate for
Purposeful Empowerment Coaching™


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Now at this point you might be thinking that coaching is not for you and you’re ready to just dismiss it outright because of your currently held beliefs.

I want you to suspend those beliefs for just a few more minutes, because what I’m about to tell you may raise your eyebrows a bit.

Nothing could be further from the truth and I’ll tell you why.

Did you know that most ultra-successful, rich and famous people have Life Coaches? It’s true. In fact, one of the stars of the hit film “THE SECRET” states that one of his “Success Principles”, in his bestseller of the same name, is simply this: “Hire a Personal Life Coach.”

Oprah was coached through a difficult court trial by the man we now know as Dr. Phil. Dustin Hoffman, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and Meryl Streep a just a few of the hundreds of top actors who’ve had coaches.

In fact, it’s hard to find a very successful person who hasn’t had some type of mentor, coach or adviser to help them get to where they want to be—and keep them there!

Welcome to the Rest of Your Life

This is Kevin Cole telling you, the reader of these words, that in this present moment you can start the next chapter of your life.

You don’t have to struggle any longer.

You don’t have to be stuck, frustrated, worried, angry, or even depressed about the way things are anymore.

And even if you’re not “struggling” but you are looking to go to a better, more secure, enriching and fulfilling place and aren’t quite sure how to get there, I can help you just like I’ve helped so many others.

You can change things.

Starting NOW.

Give me one hour a week and I’ll show you exactly how to reach any goal.

It’s not by magic that I have helped countless numbers of people. I’ve been practicing NLP, hypnosis, and life coaching tools since 1996 and I only use the most cutting edge and effective coaching methods that have been proven effective time and time again.

When you move your life forward using Purposeful Empowerment Coaching™ you’ll be tapping into the most advanced technologies about health and our bodies, brain science, quantum physics, Neuro-linguistics, as well as from the teachings of the world’s greatest spiritual and philosophical leaders.

Just imagine for a moment what it would be like to have it all.

Everything you desire is at your fingertips.

Every ounce of energy is yours.

You’re on a steady path toward financial freedom.

You’re healthy, happy and more alive than you’ve ever felt.

Is this something that you can sense? Can you touch, smell or sense any positive vibrations from this wonderful feeling that you’re imagining right now? Enjoy it for a minute, because there’s no other feeling in the world that comes close to this.

And the best part is that it’s available to you permanently, but you must decide if you’re ready for it. But before you go any further I must warn you…

Beware of Imitators


There are lots of people who call themselves “coaches” these days, so you need to be cautious and ask a lot of questions.

When you work with me you’ll be safe in the knowledge that I possess vast experience and my own personal and professional successes to back it up.

Call us for your complimentary exploratory session and together, we will begin unleashing the powers already inside of you and start putting them into action, using common sense, a sometimes astounding intuition, diverse experience, and scientifically-validated techniques.

Take a Look at Everything You Receive With

Purposeful Empowerment Coaching™

  • You’ll receive 4 hour long one on one coaching sessions per month
  • You’ll receive up to 4 brief “in-between-session” calls if needed for those times you just need some quick support i.e. before a job interview, asking that certain someone out etc…
  • You’ll receive unlimited email support
  • You’ll receive a choice of in-person, Skype, or phone sessions
  • Possible tax write off (check with your accountant)
  • And countless breakthroughs during our work together…

 With a free exploratory session (normally $297)
I’ve taken away all of the barriers for you,
so there’s absolutely nothing stopping
you from moving forward

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P.S Go back and take the quiz again and remember, if you answered TRUE to 2 or more of the questions then you need coaching. And Purposeful Empowerment Coaching™ is the most effective method available. Try it for yourself risk free by calling us today.OR by  Emailing – Us