NLP Master Practitioner Training

Experience A Whole New Level of Knowledge And Skill
By Becoming A Master Practitioner of NLP

8 day SNLP- Richard Bandler Approved Certification Training with Kevin Cole

Your Investment:

Extra Early Bird Offer: Only $1995

Regular Tuition: $2695

Now that you have experienced incredible changes through Empowerment Quest International’s NLP Practitioner Course, it’s time for more excitement, more fun, more knowledge, and more growth.

  • Take your skills to a whole new level
  • Become a certified Hypnotist understanding the techniques that made Dr. Milton Ericson a legend in the field of hypnotherapy
  • Have an opportunity to work with people other than students so that you know… really know, just how competent you’ve become so that you leave with the utmost confidence that you are ready to truly help people and make a dramatic difference in the world!

NLP Master Practitioner Training

Dear future student and Master NLP Practitioner, Let’s get something straight right now. Becoming a true Master of NLP takes time and dedication and it starts with quality training and studying under a true Master of NLP. Kevin Cole will be your trainer on your Quest for Mastery and you couldn’t be in better hands.

I attended the recent training in Las Vegas taking the full course offering… NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Hypnotist & Life Coach all together. Words cannot describe this wonderful, life altering experience! My life was changed profoundly…from the inside out by Kevin’s masterful teaching style.

Aside from the incredible personal trance-formation, this intensive and comprehensive training prepared me to return home and begin taking clients the very next day….with dramatic results! One day out of Kevin’s training and I already have my first client!

You just can’t get this kind of training from just anybody. Thank you Kevin Cole!

Ron Black
NLP Master Practitioner & Business Coach
Pharr, TX

Master NLP Training – What Will You Learn?

  • Advanced communication skills
  • How to easily understand what motivates and drives people’s behaviors
  • How to become a master at influencing people with integrity
  • An amazing process that will empower yourself and your clients to overcome grief
  • How to model Excellence
  • Advanced Pain Control techniques
  • Advanced Time Quest Trance-Formation™
  • Advanced NLP coaching skills
  • An amazing process that will allow you to become allergy free and even help relieve asthma or chronic bronchitis!
  • Hypnosis skills for coaching and therapy
  • How to understand advanced language patterns so that you can both use them with integrity for win/win outcomes and catch the charlatans who use them for their own personal gain. (You’ll be shocked how many times you’ve fallen for these patterns used by untrustworthy sales people, lawyers, politicians, etc.)
  • How to influence people by sharing stories/metaphors
  • The Power of Physical Metaphors
  • Learn how to elicit your values in life in a way that will enable you to Discover & Live Your True Purpose In Life!

Empowerment Quest International’s NLP Training Seminars prides itself on not only teaching you how to help others change their lives but to also experience many significant changes in yourself as well.

At your NLP Master Practitioner Training course you will have the opportunity to prove to yourself that just about anything is possible when you fully implement the technologies and methodologies that you will be learning. Just one example of this includes walking over broken glass or breaking an arrow with your neck! Keep in mind, you will not have to, but by the end of your training you will want to!

Now, you may be thinking “What does walking over broken glass or breaking an arrow with your neck have to do with NLP?” The answer is simple…

In NLP and especially during your Master Practitioner Course you will learn about the power of Metaphor as an extraordinary way of helping others to create change in their life. We take this a step further by not only teaching you about metaphors through stories but also through physical metaphors.

World renowned Dr. Milton Erickson who was one of the most successful Hypnotherapists would use hypnotic metaphors by telling stories in his sessions to help his clients elicit the changes they desired in life. What many do not know is that he would also use physical metaphors as well.

Often he would have clients hike up a very tall mountain that would be a challenge for them mentally and physically. Then he would ask them about their experience. He didn’t always know what their experience would be but he knew that it would be highly beneficial and therapeutic to them. Whether it be proving to themselves that they were able to do something they previously thought impossible, a more spiritual/enlightening experience, or something all together different, he always knew that they would benefit greatly from it.

At Empowerment Quest International we know this to be true and we use physical metaphors in our Master Practitioner course so that you can achieve the same kind of benefits!

Who Should Attend Master NLP Training?

Individuals who desire to be the best they can be and who have a passion for serving others. People who love to have fun and want to experience things they never even imagined being able to do before.

We’re Always Here To Help

By now, you’re probably excited to get started and so if you know you want to book right now then great — click here for our dates, locations, and to register for your training and be sure to take advantage of our early bird and full course special discounts! However, if you’d like to ask us any questions first, just so you know you’re certain, then feel free to call us at 1-888-783-7880!

We also keep our courses small to make certain that every student receives plenty of personal attention and because of this spaces are limited, so do be sure to call or write now if you have any questions at all before you’d like to book. We are here to serve you in any way we can.

So by now, you might be thinking about dates, locations and of course prices. We’ve got some of the best locations available for our Master NLP Training including beautiful Sunny San Diego California, Phoenix Arizona, Las Vegas Nevada, Honolulu Hawaii, and even Sydney & Melbourne Australia just to name as well!

Remember. There’s no financial risk whatsoever, because of Empowerment Quest’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! *This guarantee is not included for extended weekend NLP training Only intensives.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in person at your training

With great respect and warmest regards,

Kevin Cole

Empowerment Quest International