Hypnosis Practitioner Training
(Included With Your NLP Master Practitioner Program)

Take Your NLP Skills To A Whole New Level By Integrating Them With
Traditional Hypnosis Training!

After you have completed your NLP Practitioner Certification Training with us, you will have already learned about and experienced a great deal of Hypnosis and I guarantee you’ll want to learn more.

Master NLP and Certified Hypnotherapist (Hypnotist)
Training Program

So now that you have experienced a profound and undeniable education during our Practitioner Training, it’s time to take things to a dramatically greater level with our NLP Master & Hypnosis Practitioner Training. Your Master NLP & Hypnosis Certification Courses with us it of course combined with more NLP techniques as well.

Dear Kevin,

The plane ride home from the training was awesome. The earth takes on so many different levels of perspectives, but all of them beautiful in their own way. As I looked down, I saw the puffs of clouds that would sometimes block certain sites. It reminded me of how my own puffs of clouds blocked my site, and how it affected seeing the true beauty and divinity within myself, blocking true joy.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for so elegantly helping me to see the landscape of my life with a different and more joyful perception. Despite any clouds. Life is just a ride.

I used a paper punch to cut a hole in the top of the guitar pick and am wearing it around my neck; just below my throat chakra. I’ll never let anyone take my voice from me again.

Much Love,
Susan F.

What Will You Learn?

Just some of what you will learn during your Hypnosis Certification Training with us includes…

  • Direct & Indirect Suggestion
  • How To Create Practical Hypnotic Metaphors For Indirectly Helping Your Clients Change
  • Understand what Hypnotic Trance “Depth” is, when it’s important, and when it’s not
  • Learn & Experience Many Different Kinds of Hypnosis Inductions
  • Advanced Ericksonian Language Patterns, often known as “Conversational Hypnosis”.
  • Advanced Hypnosis Pain Control Techniques
  • Advanced Hypnosis Techniques For Helping Clients Quit Smoking
  • Advanced Hypnosis Techniques For Weight Loss
  • Advanced Hypnosis Techniques For Stress Reduction
  • Both The Internal & External Signs of Hypnosis, so that you can recognize when someone is in trance
  • Ericksonian Arm Levitation
  • The Classic Elman Induction
  • How To Test If Someone Is In A Deep Enough Stage of Hypnosis (And when it really doesn’t matter)
  • Hypnotic Fractionation (Different Ways of Deepening Hypnosis)
  • Hypnosis Inductions That Are Appropriate For Children Inductions For Kids
  • How To Embed Post Hypnotic Suggestions
  • Waking Hypnosis
  • Self Hypnosis & How To Teach It To Clients
  • Advanced NON Painful- NON Abreactive Regression Techniques, Including Kevin Cole’s Time Quest Trance-Formation™
  • How To Give  A Pretalk of What Hypnosis Is And Isn’t, So That Both You And Your Client Feels More Comfortable And Understands What To Expect
  • Emergency Hypnosis
  • Medical Hypnosis
  • Modern & Pain Free Regression Techniques, Including Kevin Cole’s Time Quest Trance-Formation™
  • Ethics & Law of Being A Professional Hypnosis Practitioner & Hypnotherapist
  • Many, Many, Advance NLP Techniques
  • So Much More…

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy have been gaining greater and greater respect and credibility in both the mainstream and alternative worlds of Change-work and Complementary Care and Kevin Cole and Empowerment Quest International pride themselves in creating some of the best Practitioners in the field today. Many of our students include psychotherapists, nurses, counselors, coaches, and many of our students train with us with no former experience at all.

We Won’t Bore You With Theory!

If you’re looking for a course to bore you with lecture upon lecture and talk for days about the history of hypnosis, then this isn’t the right course for you.

There’s an ancient Chinese proverb, “Tell Me And I’ll Forget, Show Me And I May Remember, Involve Me And I’ll Understand” and I like to update that by saying…

“Lecture at me for days and you’ll bore me to death, She me and I’ll learn that YOU can do great things but I’ll be uncertain if I can do them as well, Involve me through well structured, life changing,  hands on experience and then I’ll feel confident helping others to change their life as well”.

Because of the extremely hands on, highly experiential, practical learning environment that we teach in, and the fact that all students gain plenty of the one/one personal attention that they require, our students learn how to become Professional Hypnosis Practitioners at a highly accelerated rate, and they often transform their lives dramatically in the process!

So you’re probably asking yourself,
“Will I receive  certificate after the training?”

Here’s the thing…

Almost every other Hypnosis Certification Training out there will happily certify you after you pay them their tuition fees, whether you have demonstrated a solid understanding of the core competencies or not.

We don’t like that this is the case and believe it gives the profession a bad name.

One of the reasons you’ve read this far however is because you are seeking a Hypnosis Certification Training organization with Integrity and Ethics.

Good News… You’ve found it.

Although most of our students do qualify for certification immediately after their training with us, there a few that require more study and practice in order for us to ethically certify them. If we believe you need more study and or practice time, then you will have the opportunity either re-test at a future date via Skype and or to come back to future trainings at no cost to you, where we will re-test you to see if you have gained the core competencies that we require in order to ethically certify you.

That said, after successful completion of your Hypnosis Training with us, you will qualify for Hypnosis Certification with many Hypnosis certifying bodies, including, but not limited to;

  • The International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association
  • The International Association Of Counselors & Therapists
  • The International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • The National Guild of Hypnotists
  • American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists
  • And Others…

So by now you’re probably getting pretty excited as you imagine the many profound and undeniable changes within yourself that you’ll be experiencing while becoming a certified Hypnosis Practitioner with us. You might be thinking about the many people you’ll be helping, or you might be imagining how different your own life will be after your Empowerment Quest with us.

That’s a good thing. That excitement that you feel now is something you’re going to learn how to strengthen and learn how to hold onto.

Something I often like to ask my clients, and my students, is
“How Much Pleasure Can You Stand?”

And that’s a question I ask you now…

How Much Pleasure Can You Stand?

Give us a call at 1-888-783-7880 so that we can help you Experience that answer…

-Kevin Cole

Founder of Empowerment Quest International

P.S. We understand that not everyone can afford to attend our trainings without a little help. If you’re serious, you’ve got that help. We Guarantee a flexible payment plan that you can afford. Just call us at 1-888-783-7880 and we will help. It’s that simple…