During a Honolulu, Hawaii NLP Training we did in November, I was interviewed by EFT Practitioner, Helena Summer Medena which was a lot of fun.

She asked me to share a little bit about how I had done some one/one work with her using NLP & Hypnosis to help her overcome some pretty intense nightmares she was having at the time, which were essentially flashbacks of her time growing up in war torn Croatia.

Many would believe that a person could never truly overcome such intense experiences, but frankly, that’s because they never learned *How* to overcome it.

Just *talking* about a traumatic experience, although helpful at first, usually only makes matters worse over time. Ignoring a traumatic experience and or being in denial about it doesn’t help much either.

When you truly understand how the human mind works however, and how a traumatic experience is sometimes stored, or *locked in* the brain, then you begin to understand how to help someone *unlock it* and be free from the negative emotions.

Said differently, although we can never change the past, we can always change the way we feel about it, when we understand how.

NLP & Hypnosis is often described, quite accurately as a “Users Manual For Your Brain” and helping ourselves and our clients overcome the negative emotions of traumatic experiences is just a small part of what you can learn during a live NLP & Hypnosis Training.

Check out the interview and you’ll hear me describe a bit more of my methodology and “What I’m About”.

Even if you aren’t interested in what I have to say, At the very least, you can look at the pretty girl!