Originally written 9-22-11 @ 12:30 p.m.

I visited my mentor and best friend in the hospital today. The moment I heard he was in stage 4 of pancreatic cancer, I jumped on the first plane I could get, because I knew… I just had to be there. I got there at about 8 a.m. and stayed until about 10 a.m.

It was just me and him. I spoke with him and he spoke with me. No, he didn’t speak out loud. He’s on life support and not able to speak in that way, but I could hear him.
I could hear him loud and clear.

He just kept saying to me…

“Kevin, you’ve got work to do. There are millions of people that need what you have to share with the world. You’re like me, you’re a protector and you know that we should always help those that can’t or don’t know how to help and protect themselves.

Make me even more proud of you than I already am and continue building what you’re building. You may not have a “leather ass” like me, but your sensitive soul is just as strong if not stronger because it comes from an unstoppable force, Love. You have the same energy as my father.

It’s your sensitivity that is your greatest strength. You’ve worked hard to get where you’re at and you did it for all the right reasons. I’m always in your corner and I know you’re always in mine…”

Those were the words I just kept hearing from him as I sat next to him holding his hand and sending him energy.

I heard those words so clearly, because those are words he has shared with me on many occasions.

I wanted to wait around longer- to at least say hello to his family, but I just kept hearing him say “I’m always in your corner, and I know you’re in mine- but I need you to get back out there and reach the people that need us most and you’re not going to do that talking to me in this hospital bed. You’re going to do that by taking the love you have for me and the love that I have for you- and letting that energy drive you even more”.

So I finally left his side, physically but not in spirit.

Tom Hoobyar is one of the greatest men, scratch that… Tom Hoobyar is THE greatest man I’ve ever had the honor of calling my friend.

Many might say they’ve got your back when you need it most, but few truly mean it.

As I sit here in the airport waiting for my flight back to Vegas, the tears just flow and I know people feel sad for me and I want to tell them…

Don’t feel sad for me because these are not tears of sadness, these are tears of pure love and joy for having the absolute honor and privilege to have a friend and mentor such as Tom Hoobyar.

The best man I know…

This one, and many others to come are for you Tom.

With Tremendous Love & Gratitude.
I WILL make you proud and your legacy will live on…