This is a question that I get asked a lot, and frankly, because there has never been an agreeable definition of exactly what “Hypnosis” is and exactly what “Trance” is, I can only share my opinions.

So, what are my opinions?

Well, I believe that “Trance” is simply an altered state of consciousness that can be reached through many different experiences in many different forms. The terms we give to the two most common forms of trance include, “Downtime Trance” and “Up-time Trance” (sometimes known as “Waking Trance”).

In order to better understand, here are some examples of the two generic kinds of trance.

Some of the most common examples of a “Downtime Trance” include;

  • Meditating
  • Driving long distances
  • Missing your off ramp while driving
  • Just before falling asleep
  • Getting caught up in a good book
  • Enjoying a good movie
  • Experiencing portions of a live hypnosis training
  • Daydreaming
  • Becoming absorbed in a project of task
  • Listening to an instructor speak
  • Watching television, browsing the internet, listening to the radio while driving(advertisers take HUGE advantage of all of these by the way)
  • And of course much more

Some of the most common examples of an “Uptime Trance” include;

  • Practicing martial arts
  • Being on a nature hike
  • Experiencing portions of a live NLP Training
  • Being involved in an extreme sport like skydiving
  • Playing chess
  • Public speaking
  • Driving fast while weaving in/out of lanes (not that we recommend it!)
  • Sculpting
  • Wilderness tracking
  • Photography
  • Being the conductor of an orchestra
  • And of course much more

When you are experiencing a “Downtime Trance”, your brainwave activity has most likely altered from what we call a “Beta Brainwave” (Which simply means that you are experiencing a standard waking consciousness), and has transitioned into either an “Alpha Brainwave” (which is basically a light to medium trance) or a “Theta Brainwave” (which is basically a medium to deep form of trance) which allows you to more easily recognize and focus on what’s happening *inside* yourself.

And when you are experiencing an “Up-time trance” your brainwave activity has most likely altered from a standard “Beta Brainwave” to either a “High Beta Brainwave” or a “Gamma Brainwave” which allows you to more easily focus on what’s happening *outside* yourself.

I know some of these terms might seem a little jargonistic, but hang in there. It’ll all make sense very soon.

Very simply put, the answer to the question, “What’s The Difference Between Hypnosis And Trance?”, is…

Hypnosis is simply the intentional usage of these different kinds of trance as a tool for helping ourselves and or others achieve our goals in life.

That’s it.

And with the right experience from a quality live NLP Practitioner Training and NLP Master Practitioner Training, which should include Hypnosis Training as part of its curriculum, you can learn how to help yourself and others overcome personal challenges and achieve your goals with any and all of the forms of trance that we’ve mentioned above.

Yes, the right training in hypnosis and NLP, when fully implemented, can truly help you to be, do, and or have just about anything you desire in life…