Well, we just fished up yet another NLP Training intensive in Las Vegas and yet again, it was an incredible training. Along with learning an entire tool box of life changing technologies that students can now use with their clients, some of the major breakthroughs students had also included overcoming a couple of phobias, numerous different allergies, chronic pain and more…

The next round of trainings we do will be in 2012, and along with the usual NLP Trainings, there will be more EFT Training workshops in Las Vegas, San Diego, & Phoenix.

What I really love about teaching Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is the fact that I can teach it in just a couple of days and along with those that are professional NLP/hypnosis practitioners that want to add this additional “All Purpose Power Tool” to their toolbox to help their clients with, those without formal training can still obtain a profound tool for change, can use EFT on themselves and gain incredible results.

You can keep an eye on our site, www.nlptraininquest.com for upcoming dates on all of our trainings. I’d love to see you there!

-Kevin Cole
Empowerment Quest International