A lot of locals from  San Diego have asked me for as long as a few years now if I will ever be offering an extended weekend NLP Training & Life Coach Training

So, I’ve decided to accommodate those that are interested, but mind you, this is a very rare thing for me to offer and I really can’t promise if/when I will offer it again.

So what is the difference between the extended weekend and intensive training programs anyway?

Really the only difference is that with the intensives, they are 7 days straight for NLP Practitioner Training followed by one day off for “Integration Day” and then we resume for 8 more days of NLP Master Practitioner Training, and I have students fly in from all over the world to take the intensive trainings.

Where as with the extended weekend training, they are pretty much just for locals to a specific area and they are spread out over a period of weekends. Specifically, the Practitioner Training is spread out over 3 weekends, and the Master Practitioner Training is spread out over 4 weekends.

If you’re interested in the upcoming training starting August 18th, then give us a call ASAP. 888-783-7880

There’s currently only 2 spots left for this one…