This photo was taken back in 2004 during an NLP Training where I faced- and overcame my own life long Phobia- of Tarantulas. I can remember this day like it was yesterday.

You see, I grew up during the days of movies and television showing tarantulas as the most deadly creatures on the planet. I had so many memories- and so many nightmares about tarantulas that it was, well… scary!

Black and white movies about Giant Tarantulas, black and white movies about people shrinking and being attacked by regular sized tarantulas. Heck, there was even a Brady Bunch episode where Peter Brady was attacked by a tarantula!

Then, when I was about 14 years old, I decided to “Face My Fear” without understanding the actual mechanics of a true phobia (It’s NOT about “facing your fears”) and actually made the problem much, much worse by deciding to have my step mother take me to the pet store so that I could buy myself a tarantula.

Well, long story short, my phobia became considerably worse when “Rambo” as I called the tarantula, molted (sheds its skin) and what I didn’t know at the time was the fact that when I tarantula sheds its skin, it somehow manages to literally crawl out of it’s own “shell” and leave what appears to be another spider… So, my fear was that it was multiplying and soon going to escape! **Hey, I was 14 years old… what did I know?

So for years since that time, if anyone even came near me with a tarantula I would get violently fearful, but with the magic of NLP , I was able to change all of that- and as you can see in this picture, I’m no longer afraid of Tarantulas.

**Side note: Although the process I used to overcome my phobia is traditionally called “The Fast Phobia Cure”, I tend to refer to it as “The Phobia Relief Process” and I do that for two reasons.

1. As an NLP Practitioner we always want to be cautious to not use words such as “diagnose, treat or cure” because of the fact that we are not medical practitioners or psychotherapists.

2. Although helping people to relieve their phobias can happen very quickly and in as little as just a few minutes , it’s always wise to take our time to be certain we have done thorough work that enables our clients to overcome a phobia with as little fear as possible, as much pleasure as possible, as quickly as possible, and as efficiently as possible.

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