Just finished up another 16 day NLP Training intensive in Las Vegas and as usual it was very- very Powerful…

Along with many other breakthroughs, one of the students was able to overcome some extreme grief that she had, in her words “Buried and locked in a vault years ago and has been running from ever since”.

I actually just received a text from her where she says “Really awesome Kevin. I’m forever grateful for the personal work we did together and for the techniques you introduced me to as a trainer. My life is forever changed. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! And feel free to quote me!!!”

Well, I can tell you, no matter how many NLP Training Courses I teach, I never get tired of hearing wonderful feedback like that. Now I’m taking the day off and hang out with my brother who lives here in Vegas and get ready for the next training coming up in San Diego starting July 16th.