This is a demonstration of a Pain Control/Pain Removal Technique called “The Healing Paradigm” that was recorded during an NLP Training in Sydney Australia about 2 years ago.

Some practitioners may say “You can get rid of a headache and other forms of pain a lot faster than that” – and they would actually be correct. Helping people TEMPORARILY get rid of many forms of pain can easily be done much faster. In as little as just a couple of minutes actually…

That said, the value of doing this process in the way that you’ll witness is the fact that we do very thorough work to help this student fully understand and heed the message that this “Part” of her was trying so hard to get her to pay attention to.

The thing is, pain is simply a messenger- and often times by simply heeding that message that it’s trying to tell us, the pain itself will go away.

Of course, always remember that when a client comes to us for assistance in managing and overcoming physical pain, we do require a medical referral.

Enjoy it and please leave a comment to let me know what you think!

Stay Well,