It’s not at all uncommon for people to ask me if I offer online and or other forms
of “distance certification” courses and my answer is always No…

Although I will probably add distance continuing education courses for those that are already have a solid foundation from live training and real world experience, my personal sense of ethics and integrity will not allow me to offer foundational certification training via distance education at this point in time.

So why is Live NLP Training so important? There are many reasons, but a couple of them that popped up during this last training included the fact that one of the students suffered from an intense snake phobia that was worse than your standard phobia- largely do to the fact that she had been to a “Past Life Regression Therapist” that understood little to nothing about how to ensure a client changes the way they feel about a “memory” as opposed to just revivifying an experience and moving on.

Now, I personally don’t do “Past Life Regressions” with clients, however when you are in this line of work long enough you will find that even if you don’t guide a client into a past life, some will eventually go there on their own and it’s valuable to understand how to help

The students were all wonderful and boy did they learn a lot.

Every training I teach is unique, because I always teach courses in the same way that I teach my students how to work with their clients. I teach according to who’s in front of me as opposed to having any kind of “scripted material”.